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... It's Just Not Like Old Times - Brian Tuft [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Brian Tuft

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... It's Just Not Like Old Times [Jun. 24th, 2009|05:59 am]
Brian Tuft
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[music |"Obsessed" Mariah Carey]

After what had seemed like forever, I finally heard from my friend Keri. We used to work together at Chili's a few summers ago and we were like best friends. But, when I left the job, she and I kind of drifted. Even with the best of intensions, it was hard for us to remain close. With the exception of a few random get togethers I hadn't seen her in a long time. So when she called me out of the blue to invite me to dinner, I jumped at the chance. She invited a few of our former co-workers, two of which I am still very close with. However, the day of the get together I found out that neither Sara or Lauren were going to be able to make it. So it was just Keri, Sal, Andrea and I. Otherwise known as the most random double date ever. We all hung out and had great Mexican food and sucked back a few margaritas. It was just like old times, as though no time had passed since we last got together for Andrea's birthday last summer.

Nicole, however was someone I couldn't get to stop calling me. Ever since her falling out with Lauren she and I seemed to be attached at the hip. And, it was a good thing since we were both in a falling out with a former friend. Both of whom were still very tight with Jennifer. Nicole voiced to me that she too felt there was a very palpable divide at Jennifer's birthday and she like myself believed before hand that things were going to be swept under the rug for the night. Everyone would show up and just suck it up for the night and get along for the sake of our friend. Nicole said that with there being three distinct groups of friends all hanging out in different sections of the dance floor, it was a strange feeling. I told her that I got the feeling that this was the beginning of a new era, one where not everyone was friends and we could not all just get along.

When I asked Nicole, if she had fun she said of course I did it was just that... It's not like old times? I asked. So now with the lines clearly drawn and no one backing down I was beginning to wonder if it was only a matter of time until the tension came to a boil.