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We'll Never Be Friends - Brian Tuft [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Brian Tuft

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We'll Never Be Friends [Jun. 20th, 2009|08:28 am]
Brian Tuft
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[music |"New Day" Tamar Kaprelian]

I had worked really hard to get my academic affairs in order, and back on the right track. And, now with less than a weekend before I begin taking my summer classes, I was excited to make more progress. But, I was worried that taking on the unnecessary responsibilities would make me fall back into old patterns of skipping classes. Was I right to keep moving in the right direction or should I take a break to reward some good behavior?

Jennifer's birthday party had come and gone, everyone had had a good time, but it didn't feel like old times. With Jamie and I not talking, and Lauren and Nicole not speaking either there was an undeniable divide in the room. Lauren and Nicole had seen each other recently even after they had their falling out. As for Jamie and I it was the first time after a year of fighting that we had seen each other. Dana was there for moral support but she was unsure of where I stood on the issue. It was hard to be honest with her, since Dana is such a loyal friend she sometimes cannot see the other side. I felt that Jamie and I used to be best friends, we used to be really close, and I loved her. But, she starting doing things and it became apparent she was not the friend I thought she was.

It didn't take long at the party for me to be able to gauge the atmosphere between Jamie and I. From the moment I arrived she avoided me at all costs, and at times even passive aggressively spoke to Dana, who is primarily my friend in what seemed a gesture of friendliness but also really bitchy. The only time she and I made any contact was at one point when I was returning from the bar and she shot me the a dirty look. On the way home Dana asked me if I had spoken to Jamie, and I explained to her before the party I didn't think there was anything Jamie could say that could make me forget what had happened and be her friend again, but after the party it was clear that we'll never be friends...

My love life had been in the idle since I could remember, and my recent attempts to shift into drive have been going well. With a date this Sunday with a guy named Sean, and some textual flirtation with a new guy named Craig. I was beginning to become hopeful that it was finally my chance to be lucky in love.

Now, I had bit the bullet and come face to face with the ghost of best friend's past, but just as my summer classes begin I felt I had just got a lesson in how quickly people can change. And, it was not a fun lesson to learn.