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From a Hero to the Villain... [Aug. 19th, 2009|11:34 am]
Brian Tuft
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A lot has changed since the last time you all saw me, Jen had returned from the Tropics, but it wasn't until she was back in New York that the heat was really felt. When she got back into town we had had coffee one day and things didn't feel great, but I thought it was just an off week. However, when Nicole called me that night she had told me something that I had been dreading since last summer. Since last summer, Jennifer had told me that she respected, understood and supported me in my views and actions towards Jamie. But, Nicole came out and told me that Jennifer has been telling a different tale to everyone else. And it had seemed that Jennifer had done so just to keep from getting involved, which has been her stance on a lot of issues between her friends. A policy of I tell people what they want to hear to keep from getting in trouble. However talking shit about people, while lying to their face about your feelings seems like a surefire way of getting in trouble.

So I sent a mild mannered e-mail to Jennifer, letting her know that I in no way blame her for what transpired but I do wish she would have told me how she saw things and maybe things would be different between Jamie and I. Not saying we would be friends, but maybe at least civil. However, Jennifer misread my e-mail and went of the offensive attacking me and calling me all sort of names in a profanity laced e-mailed. But, what's worse is she allowed her friend Lauren to speak on her behalf. And while Lauren and I were speaking I think Jennifer got the impression that too much damage was done, since Lauren ran her mouth and told me EVERYTHING that had ever been secretive. I don't know what happened or why it happened but one I thing I know sure that happened in this was I went from a Hero to the Villain in this story. Overnight, Lauren, Jennifer, Jamie and Nicole who all at one point were my friends, began saying that I was some misery inflicting sociopath who was a master manipulator. Which is news to me, since I've never done anything to any of them... I mean I won't lie I do like seeing people ending up miserable when they deserve it and I do dabble in manipulation to get things to pan out for me. But, I'm not exactly a villain in the leagues of Lord Voldermort or Darth Vader.

Well other than losing two friends who I once believed were amazing friends, but amazing friends are not the type to flip on you like that, are they? I finished summer classes for once and for all and ended the season with an A- which is very exciting. I also reconnected or continued to reconnect with friends who were neglected during my summer of learning. In the past few weeks, since cutting ties with Jennifer and Co. I was happier and doing more than I had in months. My friend Colleen and I had discussed her own plights at an event for the Time Traveler's Wife right after the fallout and she told me that she too had to cut a few "toxic" people out of her own life and she felt immensely better afterwards.

Looking forward I have off a few more weeks before fall classes start in the second week of September and for the time being I'm just cleaning, organizing and taking care of a few things before classes start. But, don't worry it's not all work... There will be some play! I decided to host a little Barbeque the last weekend in August and it is shaping up to be a bit smaller than my past affairs but it should be a total blast.