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Keeps Chasing the Same Ones... - Brian Tuft [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Keeps Chasing the Same Ones... [Jul. 15th, 2009|07:12 am]
Brian Tuft
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The rain had finally stopped falling, and the sun had come out making it feel like summer for the first time in a while. With summer classes underway and my classes for the fall already lined up it was time not only to get to work, but to make sure I had some fun to keep a balance. Nicole, Jennifer and I got together one night and did our Monday night tradition of Wing Night at O'Neil's and then decided to go to Flo in Astoria for coffee afterwards. On our way into the Cafe we bumped into Jerry, Jennifer's friend, who was on a date. For as long as I could remember Jerry was always single and happy that way, but lately he had been dating and was on to his second girlfriend in a short period. Nicole and the girl had gone to high school together and Nicole told us she was kind of a bitch. Jen didn't dispute this description when she told us the story of meeting the new girlfriend. I couldn't figure out how a nice, good looking guy like Jerry wasn't in a happy relationship with a nice, sweet girl. It was at this point when Jen said that it was a habit of Jerry's, he could have a nice girl. But, he keeps chasing the same ones.

As for myself I was beginning to wonder if I too was chasing the same ones. My love life seemed to be going so well, but after two canceled dates and one postponed it had suddenly resumed being nonexistent. Craig hadn't even bothered to call and cancel, he tweeted that he had a problem and he would reschedule. Zach however, did apologize for postponing the get together. I couldn't decide if giving a second chance was the right thing to do, or if I was letting these guys walk all over me before they even walked into my life. I thought a lot about it, and decided to offer them a second chance, not only for them but for myself. The amount of time I spent thinking about potential suitors was nothing to the amount of time Dana was spending thinking about Robert Pattinson, an actor, who was filming a movie all over the city. Ever since seeing Twilight last year he had overnight become Dana's sole obsession and now that he was all over the city he was all Dana could and seemed to want to talk about. Something that was causing friction not only between us, but also with her husband.

But, with summer finally underway things were going well. Brittany and I were lucky enough to go see Harry Potter at the premiere, Brittany even got to meet and talk to Rupert Grint and then Saturday night Nicole's aunt surprised all of us with a table at the Waverly Inn and I had such a great time. With M back on the Upper East after her trip to the Far East, it was now Jennifer's turn to be out of town. She was heading to the Dominican Republic with Lauren. Something told me that this trip would either make their friendship stronger, or end it entirely. Now Brittany and I were heading up to my friend Erin's for a weekend concert. Hopefully the change of scenery would be relaxing before we headed home to another round of school and excitement.