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Brian Tuft

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Done Playing Games [Jun. 18th, 2009|11:02 pm]
Brian Tuft
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[music |"Hey Brittany" Forever the Sickest Kids]

So today was a day that really reminded me that in a life where things always seem sunny and delightful, it really only takes one rainy day to remind you to be more thankful for the sunshine when you find it.

I started by cleaning up around the house, it was such a mess... After a successful attempt at getting things a little neater I decided to take a nap. Cleaning the house would be the last thing I was successful with, all day. Brittany and I had standing plans to go and see Lauren Conrad sign books in Tribecca. We arrived there, and the line was closed. So we decided it wasn't worth sticking around, we headed to SoHo to grab a bite to eat and then headed to Astoria.

Lauren Conrad was in Manhattan signing books about a reality TV star dealing with drama on and off camera, but it turned out that my friends in Queens were signing me up for drama of my own. With my sister in tow, I arrived in Astoria to grab a coffee with Jennifer, the birthday girl and a few of our friends to celebrate her 22nd birthday. When I arrived there it turned out there was a change of plans and it was now a few drinks at a dive bar. A dive bar I could not morally take my sister to.

When I reached out to Jennifer to discuss the events, she was less than sympathetic to my situation. I texted Nicole to see how things were going, because I was going to travel back to celebrate. Nicole told me that the guests were sitting at a table playing Uno, certain people weren't talking to each other, Jennifer was ignoring her guests and people were passive aggressively talking about each other. I had a choice, I could go home and enjoy a night with my sister, or I could go and sit around and metaphorically and literally play games with these people.

Maybe it was the bitterness of a spoiled night, or the wisdom that came with my own 22nd birthday, but I was too old to play games. I am done with games, games of any sort.